Partition Walls

Partition Walls

Residential and commercial space demarcation

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Insulation and privacy

About Partition Walls

Partition walls are constructed mainly for safety purposes in homes and workplaces, and to minimise noise levels. Typically they are non-load – bearing walls with a thin cross section which takes up little flooring space. When compared with more permanent types of walls, dividing walls are highly functional and cost-effective. They can be built relatively easily and usually incorporate rugged design features that ensure that they last years. In residential or commercial complexes partition walls are useful. They can be completely built to build spaces, or partially designed to section off a space to determine its boundary.

Installation and design

Drywalls are partition walls consisting of reinforced plasterboards constructed from gypsum and can be used to create partitions. To recreate the interiors, various classrooms, offices, houses, hotels , hospitals, and industry use drywall partitioning. These partitions of walls are lightweight and flexible to construct interior spaces. Therefore they are commonly used as interior partition walls in residential , commercial, manufacturing, and warehouse buildings.

They can be artificially portioned for creating parts when space is large enough. These partitions are made into shift walls which should last a lifetime. The walls used are plaster walls that are durable and solid enough to be used, unless the site is subject to alteration or renovation. Drywall partitions can provide a number of advantages including sound insulation, lightweight, fire safety and lightweight. We include a wide range of drywall portioning including wall fastening and partitioning using gypsum board and plasterboards. The boards are graded as fire, and are robust.

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Commercial Partitions

In most commercial areas, partition walls may be erected to build allocated spaces for particular purposes for offices , restaurants, and gyms. An office partition installer will be able to assist by working hand-in-hand with your space planner to construct an office layout that optimises the use of available space. Smooth workflow will continue as well. Effective spatial segmentation will also improve the way department managers oversee their team members and improve coordination among them. Because gypsum partitions are simple to uninstall and recreate, the office layout can be reconfigured at any time depending on the business’s evolving needs at reasonably low cost.

Space Planning

When it comes to partitioning off an office room, your initial thinking should be about functionality. If you are trying to create a home office or a new room at your workplace, an office partition wall helps you to create the ideal space to spend your working hours. Our drywall partitions and glass partitions enable for a great deal of versatility in deciding your office partition needs to suit your office space planning requirements. Using different degrees of height and transparency, we can accommodate for any office partition requirement, creating a fully functional office that is both easy to instal and cost-effective.


The partitions can only obstruct the sound of the machines or the functionalities of the warehouse. We offer sound insulating and fireproof boards to customers which can create a unique office wall. We combine the partition walls to block false ceiling and make it look natural. We can sound proof with rockwall to the partition walls if needed to isolate sounds and create a quiet work area.


Some business owners may hesitate to instal a partition wall to cut spending. Partition walls separating one room from another, however, are deemed to be beneficial particularly in terms of productivity. Employees are granted greater privacy which leads to better concentration. They are not only functional, but the office partition walls play an important role in enhancing the architectural appeal of a space. Consider building a soundproof partition using drywall gypsum, if you are looking to block noise from another room.


The partition walls of your office should be sufficiently robust to withstand the rough bumps, excessive roof moisture and fire accidents. If the wall is lacking in toughness, even the slightest force will easily crumble with met. Investing in a competent contractor ‘s services can make sure projects are done with consideration and strategic planning. You should also make sure the office partitions are built with quality materials. In the long run, recruiting an inexperienced worker would cost much more.

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Residential Partitions

Be it creating an extra bedroom or creating a partition to separate the dining space or kitchen, drywall partitions are an excellent and cost effective way of making quick space adjustments to your house space.

We have a team of expert designers to help you with your needs. We understand the subtlety of home design and nuances of how your wall partitioning will accentuate your spatial experience. Our partitions are asbestos free, fire-proof, low maintenance, and extremely affordable.

From fire rated partitions to waterproofed areas perfect for that new shower room, a partition is a great option when it comes to refreshing your living space. Why not create a separate dining room through a simple partition wall or turn your simple studio into a 2 room flat. In most residential areas, partition walls are erected mostly for room partitions. Here are some reasons for creating rooms with drywall partition.

Extra Rooms

Often, we find that our house lacks an extra bedroom or you would like to create a partition to separate the dining space. Large spaces can be often utilised better with room partitions. Despite their functionality, room partition walls are also constructed to add the overall aesthetic of a residential or office area.

Room partition walls offer a hassle-free solution for when you need an extra room for temporary use. Instead of concrete walls, room partitions walls also tend to be more affordable. Unlike a concrete wall, room partitions are considered a better option as these walls can easily be taken down. This is important in instances when a renovation or a major makeover is done to your unit.

Temporary Wall Solution

As mentioned earlier, when you decide to hire a wall partition contractor for an office space partition or living room partition, you are opting for a temporary wall to divide the area. Not only are these partitions easy to take down, but they can also be shifted to other positions if your requirements change.

It is mainly beneficial for landlords who own a large commercial property and want to divide the area into different meeting rooms and workspaces. This is especially advantageous for businesses with several departments and wants to segregate the different working areas to maintain their privacy. As room partition walls are also soundproof, they are also mostly used in music centres.

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Plaster Wall Repair

Cracked, peeling paint or water damage could have been to your plaster partition wall. We also provide repair services for plaster wall, so that your wall looks nice and new again. Restoring a plaster wall is not a simple job, particularly when the wall is experiencing severe damage. To solve the issue, plaster wall repair works need a specialist with a clear understanding of the materials and techniques. Although there are many factors behind the need for repair of a plaster wall, the type of repair work to be done would rely heavily on the extent and severity of the damage. Consider the most common symptoms of plaster wall repair in Singapore:

Cracks and surface issues

In Singapore, multiple homeowners and HDB flat owners participate in our drywall repair services to fix cracks on wall surfaces. These cracks can occur for a number of reasons, one of which is transporting pieces of furniture from one location to another. Such cracks should be promptly fixed to keep the interiors in place. Immediately fixing the problem would ensure the crack doesn’t reappear again.


Hanging image frames or paintings on the partition wall can lead to unsightly holes which can be hard to repair back. These unattractive cavities will not only damage your plaster wall but also have a detrimental impact on your interior ‘s overall aesthetics.

Drywall Repair

With a plaster wall the drywall partition wall may have undergone the same problems. It may have cracked, the paint is peeling or water has destroyed it. While at the beginning it may not seem like a big deal, the damage can spread and impact other areas of the drywall. When observing such situations, contact a licensed wall partition contractor immediately to perform drywall quality repair.

Damage to Drywall

The walls of your home or office can get damaged in different ways. Ultimately cracks will occur in the wall if the base is not done correctly. This, if not instantly set, then affects the entire system.

Although poorly designed drywalls can certainly lead to damage. Let’s not forget the kind of harm done on infants. It is unusual to see kids drawing on walls. Such scribbles and dents could eventually crack the drywall if not instantly repaired.

Also, uninvited guests like rodents can accelerate the eventual fatigue-and-tear or your drywall. These kinds of losses make repair works by drywall crack much more necessary. When you experience even the smallest potential damage, get the wall assessed as soon as possible.


While just adding some plaster or cement blend to mask the damage may seem easy, restoring the drywall’s natural look will be a daunting job.

As experienced contractors know how to repair the damaged spot, they will be able to fix the missing plaster and reapply it to your wall in no time. If surfaces on your wall are newly repaired or removed, you can trust a partition wall repair service to do the job without damaging the overall interior. Furthermore, a drywall repair job doesn’t stop with the plaster script. The repaired surface would then have to be painted by your drywall to fit in with the rest of the wall.

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