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Cove Lighting

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About Cove Lighting

Cove lighting also called ambient luminescence is a type of lighting in which light is directed from one side or more towards the ceiling in order to disperse illumination. This style of lighting is most popular in recesses, high on walls, ledges and valences at the ceiling. It is an indoor type of illumination that derives its appeal from the fact that it not only hides the fixture but also produces a dramatic effect. In this technique the light may be guided either towards the ceiling or down where there is a subsequent washing effect on the wall.

Cove lighting is a perfect finish to any room and here you will find reliable, professional installers who know how to finish a room using this lighting. It can turn a drab and dreary living area, bedroom or office into a bright and cheerful place to work, rest or play, complete with a false ceiling, pelmet lights and feature walls.

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Benefits of having cove lighting

Nowadays, cove lights are commonly used in residential buildings to decorate most false ceilings. Having a cove light ceiling in your Singapore flat would certainly give a touch of impression to your home interiors with its variety of designs.

Ideal For Decorating

Cove lighting is especially common due to its ability to create dramatic effects, an ideal quality for decor. The fact that the cove lighting is concealed means one can not see the light clearly. In addition, the use of cove lighting means that indirect lighting can be provided not only to the ceiling but to adjacent walls too. Many interior designers enjoy using cove lighting, as it can improve a house’s genera appearance.

Soften Lighting

Cove lighting is usually mounted behind the ceiling or the walls. As such, it is possible to significantly lessen the warmth produced by the cove light which is another pro associated with this type of lighting. Through the use of cove lighting, anxieties regarding rising room temperature become a past issue.

Dimming Control

As stated earlier, cove lighting is performed by using a dimming controller which can be either digital or analogue. The use of a cove-lighting dimming system literally ensures you can adjust the light effectively. Dimming controller helps you to change (dim) light to your needs and purposes inside a home. As such, the use of cove lighting is suitable for those wishing to conserve energy at home.

Energy Efficient

The use of LED bulbs in a cove lighting system makes the lighting source energy comfortable and sustainable. LED strips can also be installed along cove ceilings to  produce continuous lighting effect within a room.

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Cove Lighting Applications

Cove lighting not only gives you a way of drawing attention to your room’s features, but can also be a feature in itself. This lighting, combined with a false ceiling, will illuminate your room in a soft glow, rather than the harsh glare of standard lights.

What’s more, installing mood lighting in your home is a perfect way to. You can create a space suitable for parties, relaxing or a pleasant evening with just a flick of a switch by putting lights that can change colour;

Applications for cove lighting are commonly found in both industrial and residential regulations. The cove lighting is usually used in the kitchens above the cabinets, as regards a residential environment.


Living room
Bored of the slender ceiling of your living room? Impress your visitors with impeccable false ceiling cove light works concealed behind a traditional crown moulding. You can also use chandeliers to support the false ceiling to create an illumination effect in the living room. Without doubt this cove ceiling style can carry an impressive appeal to any home.

Though homeowners consider cove ceilings to be mainly an aesthetic option, interior designers share the propensity of this type of ceiling to attract people to their beds. Through this, cove ceilings offer a kind of soft lighting that can enable one to sleep a good night. This is one special lighting property which is not achieved by simple table lamps.

People typically don’t pay much attention to the kitchen lighting requirements. It’s an important part of your house, and that’s where you make delicious food. Equip it with all the latest conveniences and stop direct lighting. Install cove lights in the kitchen to provide extra lighting. If it is modular and fitted with florescent cove lighting it will look really so good.

Who says you don’t need cove lighting in bathrooms? Give a futuristic feel to your bathroom with the addition of a cove ceiling. With this simple addition, every time you visit the loo it is easy to feel like you’re entering a bathroom in luxurious hotel!


While cove ceiling and lighting can be found mainly in residential properties, it also has a number of special functions. Many commercial areas, such as offices, get a breath of fresh air with elegant cove ceiling designs. Its usefulness is not restricted to decorative purposes, either. Build a more contemporary look with cove lighting built under a set of railings and stairs. For cove ceiling and lighting, the possibilities are endless. The key is to find the contractor who has the most experience to deal with. This not only means that the proposals are taken into consideration, but it also allows quality workmanship to avoid potential repairs.

Cove illumination is suitable for office use. These lights will provide the ideal atmosphere for entertaining important clients, as an unobtrusive fixture.

The lights will reflect well on your business, from the workmanlike to the stately, instead of the bright glow from a typical setting. They may be used to illuminate a brand logo or wall feature: attracting the attention of the tourists to something positive and informative.

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Designs and Types of Cove Lighting

Cove fixtures are usually covered, and therefore, their most distinctive feature is precisely how they can project light in the ceilings as well as on the walls. The variety of cove lighting is varied and they are all designed to create different effects for the consumer.

L-shaped Covelight

Some homeowners prefer the false ceiling in the L-shaped covelight, as it gives the design more versatility. Additionally it increases the living room ‘s visual range. Onlookers will then believe the space potentially appears larger. The versatility of a covelight design with L-shape enables you to change its form according to the layout of your home. For example, as seen in the image on the right, the false ceiling can be associated with the passageway into your bedroom. Doing so would make your false ceiling look more comparable.

U-shaped Covelight

You may also suggest U-shaped covelight when there are room limitations or when most ECs and condominiums already have an Air-con built in. A Covelight in U type is just as appealing as a four-sided covelight. In some condominiums, the size of the bedrooms could restrict your choices about false ceilings. It may be difficult to add a ceiling fan along with a false ceiling. You may decrease the intensity of your cove light false ceiling by using brighter illumination to light up your room for your cove lighting.

One bar/Twin Bar Covelight

Another option is one bar, or Twin bar covelight. It does not take up too much room to allow versatility in putting other lighting decoration or ceiling fan. This arrangement also helps make the space interpret as being longer or wider depending on the side of the room in which it is situated. Twin bars covelight faux ceiling on separate ends of a bedroom helps to increase emphasising the core point of interest. The walls are livened up widening the space with lights put on both ends of the space.

Covelight on all sides

Many HDB dwellers are worried that your home’s finished height will be significantly reduced with a low, false ceiling. By suggesting false ceiling design coupled with covelight or L-box covering all sides of your living room, we typically work around this.

The application of a single installed surface light frequently casts shadows across the living room. That can make the room look more bland than it would seem. Using downlights mounted on both sides of the living room will also not only eliminate shadows but also make the room brighter. This is augmented by covelights to offer accent lighting effects. Covelights have a warm glow that helps you to wind down after a long day of work and feel comfortable.

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