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Apex Ceilings has been involved in the ceiling and partitioning industry for over a decade and has provided complete service. Ours is one of the biggest and most disciplined workforces investing in respectfully listening to and respecting the needs of the client. In our projects we only uphold the highest expectations in terms of efficiency, individuality and innovativeness.

Why Choose Us

In drywall partitions, false ceiling, and other such essential works, our team offers the best quote and unparalleled support. In Singapore, we are a highly qualified team of skilled contractor that assures you with our skills a long-term service. We operate from an expanded state-of-the-art facility that employs over 100 members of staff involved in recreating your dream projects.

About Apex Ceilings

We are a direct contractor all false ceiling and partition works. Our false ceiling and partition wall installation services give homeowners the freedom to do minor home renovations without any middleman fees. You’ll also be saving quite a bit of money on the inexpensive direct contractor kit price. We have also done many other false ceiling and partition wall works and can supply custom designs for your house, office and commercial buildings.

At direct contractor pricing we deliver full false ceiling and partition wall solutions. We provide false ceiling design and partition wall designs for commercial and residential customers including false ceiling designs for landed, condo, and HDB. We include all types of simple and complex false ceiling and partition wall work with excellent workmanship using the best ceiling board materials including gypsum board ceiling and plasterboard ceiling. We will support you with all of your room and office partition works for our plaster wall and drywall partition services. We are the most recommended false ceiling and partition wall contractor in Singapore, with a team of highly qualified false ceiling and partition wall technicians.

What We Do

Each project is unique for use. We plan sessions with our clients and arrange appointments with our best designers. We invite our customers to engage in the design session to add more personal touch to the product as a whole. We hold project discussions and review sessions with our craftsman once we finalise a product, so that we have a smooth and seamless build.

We are the market leaders in Singapore’s contractor sector. The reason for this is our meticulous design, layout and coordination ensuring that every project is completed without compromise. We have materials of high quality which are soundproof and resistant to fire. When the plans are completed, the workmen are sent for a visit to the site and are well prepared with the requisite raw materials. The measurements are taken, and the raw materials are then sent for cutting and design to the factory. We work with boards made of plaster and gypsum. To make it look natural and comfortable our drywall partitions are built in line with the false ceiling.

If you’re upgrading your home with an extra bedroom and en-suite bathroom, or changing the way your living room looks, our experts will direct you though. In addition, we undertake commercial and office spaces as well.

Full Range of Services

With over 10 years of experience, we have helped clients to design and build the false ceiling design idea they had in mind. In addition to building false ceilings, we also provide additional services such as electrical work and lighting installation, waterproofing and the installation of curtains and air conditioning pelmets. We also work 1-to-1 with our clients on their floor design, so we can achieve their home ‘s dream aesthetic.

False Ceilings and Cove Lighting

Our service focuses on false ceilings, cove ceilings and cove lights, but is customisable to every client’s design preference. Cove ceilings are the most popular choice for HDB bedrooms and living rooms because it does not interfere with HDB’s restrictive guidelines on the false ceiling height. cove ceilings are also a great lighting choice as it improves the mood and ambience of a space instantly. Usually providing a cosy, inviting feeling, it creates a relaxed environment for the place where you sleep, and where you entertain guests.

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Compared to any other contractors in Singapore, we pride ourselves on providing superfast service. We acknowledge that the work is urgently needed. We offer the best service as quickly as we can, without compromising on quality and design. Our employees and office workers are well educated in the latest designs and technologies and are competent. We can easily contact our esteemed clients and check out our services.

Fully-Licensed Contractor

We are a fully licensed contractor approved to install, perform ceilings and partitions maintenance and repair services in residences, condominiums, and business establishments. We strictly observe the safety laws and other legislation. We are completely allowed to conduct the installation process in a professional and knowledgable manner.

Highly Experienced

We have been keeping experience for over a decade in the false ceiling HDB region. We are assisted by a team of professionals who know the job well. Over the years we have gained expertise in working with the new technology and equipment. We are still working to train our workers with the latest technology. Thus, newest and well-researched prototypes are given whenever our clients contact us.

Customer Service

When we work with a customer, we build long-term relationship with them. We guarantee only the best quality, along with service maintenance. We respect our relationship with our customers very highly. We do have genuine workmanship promised. Call us today to get our new quotes and make your dreams come true.

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