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About L-box Ceilings

Living in a cosmopolitan country, there is a need to cope with ever-increasing electricity costs and monthly utility bills.Nowadays, Singaporeans are coming up with creative ways to increase their home costs and energy efficiencies. One way of doing this is to strategically design home systems such as building false ceilings to reduce energy bills.

When it comes to building false ceilings there are several choices available. Two common options are true false ceilings or ceilings with an L-box. However, we note that most residents of Singapore are now opting for L-box ceilings in their living rooms, as it is a more cost-effective option to cut their monthly bills.

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We listen to your ideas and preferences and provide you with a false ceiling plan until you are satisfied with our planned layout.

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Our false ceiling and electrical pricing are one of the cheapest in Singapore as there is no middleman fee when you’re dealing with a direct contractor like us.


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Our team is experienced in working with IDs and coordinating the works to ensure smooth delivery in order to make your dream home a reality.

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Benefits of having a L-box Ceiling

Indoor architecture is all about keeping pace with customers ‘ changing needs. Every single occupant of Singapore’s hundreds of flats has his or her own objectives and aspirations for their families. One of the key challenges for many flat-owners in Singapore and other urban centres is how to maximise the use of land. Apartments and flats are significantly smaller today than they used to be 20 years ago. Families need to select furniture that does not disrupt the already restricted space and they also need to find ways to store it in addition. Despite the reduced living areas offered in Singapore today, it is possible to live comfortably and to have enough room for each family member.

One such way of enhancing a living area’s cost-effectiveness is by adding a false ceiling. Two key forms of false ceiling exist. The first is an actual false ceiling, the second is the L-box. Typically the L-box is the option for renovation of the living room hall while the other style applies to the other rooms of the house. The L-box costs 30 per cent less than a real false ceiling in Singapore.

Energy Efficiency

Since the construction of an L-box ceiling reduces a room area, an air conditioner would need less electricity to cool the space. This is particularly beneficial in the warm and humid climate of Singapore, as it accelerates the cooling process. The L-box decreases the total volume in the room which results in substantial energy costs.


When installing an L-box lowers your ceiling theoretically, cool air from your air conditioning device would have a smaller space to fill in. Now you can turn off your air conditioner as soon as your target temperature hits the atmosphere. Not only would the room feel better with this, but you’ll also save on your energy bills as well. It also offers a stronger acoustic atmosphere by reflecting even-out and absorbing sound bounce.

Aesthetic Appeal

Despite its expense and productive advantages in terms of resources, there are plenty of designs from which to choose it comes to L-box ceilings. If you’re into minimalist ideas or traditional reinventions, the best alternative is the L-box false ceilings. The L-box gives the space an immediate aesthetic attractiveness effect and projects a higher quality picture, but the installation costs are lower, making it a better option to have this installed for new homeowner or office meeting place.


L-box ceilings often help to shield from the viewer’s eyes undesirable things such as electrical cables and aircon ducts. Decks may be installed in the bathroom to cover the above pipes or any other fittings. A perfect way to conceal cables, pipes, tubes, ducts and disturbing sights is the false ceiling. They are also used to cover the water pipes and vents when installing centralised air conditioning in offices. This makes the interiors look tidy and clean, without thinking about undesirable places.

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