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About False Ceilings

False ceiling is essentially another ceiling that is often called the drop-down ceiling. Most homes and offices with this form of ceiling for extra lighting and aesthetics are moving ahead. Most of the homes and office buildings need good lighting, design and character which can provide false ceilings. False ceilings often support the installation of several LED lights or fancy light fixtures to cover electrical wires.

False ceiling is used for refrigeration purposes as well. By offering you cool interiors, false ceilings save you from energy costs. A false ceiling restricts the space needed to refrigerate. Helping minimise the cost of using an air conditioner or ventilator. It also provides noise insulation, which is most commonly required in most commercial properties.

Installation and design

When you employ a false ceiling contractor you must first verify their experience and the Singapore price false ceiling. We are delighted to be most knowledgeable in our interactions with our clients. Not just the technicalities but also the projects we take care of. We ‘re supplying you with a team of highly qualified and seasoned contractors. By their knowledge, lifetime experience, trendy fashion and fulfilling your demands they satisfy your needs.

We use top-quality products at our warehouse which are cut and moulded. To recreate your house and offices we use trendy plasterboards, gypsum board ceiling and lightweight materials.

Ceiling Plan Proposal

We listen to your ideas and preferences and provide you with a false ceiling plan until you are satisfied with our planned layout.

Direct Contractor

Our false ceiling and electrical pricing are one of the cheapest in Singapore as there is no middleman fee when you’re dealing with a direct contractor like us.


Work with IDs

Our team is experienced in working with IDs and coordinating the works to ensure smooth delivery in order to make your dream home a reality.

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Benefits of having a False Ceiling

Many homeowners neglect the value of getting their home with a false ceiling. Although other renovation works like tiling, painting, or carpentry may be necessary, having a false ceiling can really have an effect on how your home is viewed. It can create a compact look by reducing the height of the ceiling, while giving the interiors a pleasant touch. Now a range of interior ceilings are coming to the market to choose from to embellish your home or office.


A ceiling is in reality the fifth wall in our houses, some suggest. A false ceiling emphasises the space ‘s interior décor. It can be custom made into different shapes and sizes with a smooth painting or laminating finish. False ceilings and lighting go go together, complementing each other to create an elegant design and an atmosphere for your home. A false ceiling concept works well to light up the correct way to your house.

Decorative lighting

Installing decorative lighting, such as down lights and cove lights, is an significant part of installing a false ceiling. Multiple layers of lighting can be developed to suit the occasion or mood, from general illumination to accent lighting. If it is to instal a false ceiling highlighting a decorative hanging light fixture, or to add recessed downlights for beautiful and efficient lighting into the false ceiling.


False ceiling conceals from the spectators’ eyes the undesirable components such as electrical cables and air-conducts. Decks may be installed in the bathroom to cover the above pipes or any other fittings. A perfect way to conceal cables, pipes, tubes, ducts and disturbing sights is the false ceiling. They are also used to cover the water pipes and vents when installing centralised air conditioning in offices. This makes the interiors look tidy and clean, without thinking about undesirable places.

Easy installation

Our technical team is well attuned to their jobs. They take responsibility for the planning, design, and implementation process to make it easy for our customers. It can be custom made into different shapes and sizes with a smooth painting or laminating finish. For a false ceiling contractor, the installation phase is super simple and we will include a false ceiling design which is designed to suit your living space requirements.

Hassle-free repair

If a ceiling is damaged it needs to be restored immediately. This may damage the interiors and will require retrofits afterwards. But false ceilings are made of lightweight materials specially built. They are easy to instal and there are no hassles involved. Our qualified specialists will repair the broken tile with no mishandling of the other ceiling pieces.

Easy access

The experts can easily perform the installation without damaging the entire ceiling when a false ceiling is broken or you need to make any adjustments such as electric socket placement or building pipelines. The false ceiling is clearly visible, as it is tiled in various sections. Removing one tile provides access to a large portion of the ceiling.

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Our False Ceiling Services

With over 10 years of experience, we’ve helped clients develop and create the false concept of building ceilings that they had in mind. See the idea of building false ceilings that we will create for you. In addition to building false ceilings, we also provide additional services such as electrical work and lighting installation, waterproofing and the installation of curtain pelmets. We also work directly with our clients on their design, so we can achieve their home’s dream aesthetic. Our services are available to false ceiling contractor for residential, industrial and maintenance work.

False Ceiling Repair

To return to a flawless state we repair facilities for existing false ceilings. Many people are searching for false ceiling fixes when they are faced with the following conditions:

  • Attempting to fix back false ceiling after water heater is deposited
  • False ceiling destroyed by water repair
  • Patching false ceiling holes
  • False ceiling patch or discolouration
  • Patch false ceiling with paint peel

Lighting & Electrical Works

Installing false ceilings alongside lighting installations is very common. As a false ceiling provider, providing you this service is within our core capabilities. When the homeowner provides the lighting, we will do the electrical work along with the false ceiling installation. Alternatively, you can also let us provide you with a proposal to design and instal for you the complete false ceiling and lights kit.

Designs and Types of False Ceiling

Most people would enjoy living in a well-decorated home with ornate walls and corners. If you’re not exactly blessed with creating abilities, you can contact a false ceiling contractor to repair your building. They are well equipped with modern skills in ceiling design and are able to help you during the renovation process. The days of settling for simplistic ceiling designs with flat and bland surfaces are over. False ceilings hide ugly wiring and give the wall a smooth and consistent texture. You may use different materials to bring a more ornamental look to it. If you’re looking for a basic ceiling design or a luxurious aesthetic feeling; you have to go for ceiling renovation.

The days of clear and flat false ceilings are gone as houses and offices have. People are now seeking different styles of ceilings that are revolutionary and improve the beauty of interiors. The false ceiling is a suspended ceiling covering the main ceiling along with some dangling wires and pipelines. False ceilings consist of a number of materials, including asbestos tiles, gypsum boards, plasters, iron frames, woods and others. False ceilings not only make the interiors look stunning but also serve as a sound and fire insulator.

Gypsum False Ceiling

Gypsum false ceiling is a lightweight, fire resistant, versatile, and soft sound insulator. Gypsum board ceilings are composed of calcium hydrated sulphate. With the support of an iron frame the gypsum boards that make up the ceiling are square shaped and hung. The finishing is provided by adding laminates, wallpapers, paints with texture. It gives a strong visual effect and is improved by supplementary lighting.

Plaster of Paris False Ceiling

Paris plaster is a common material in the industry of false ceilings. POP is derived to some degree from heating of gypsum. The ceilings are appealing, and give designers the ability to build a range of designs. It needs virtually no maintenance, and is an outstanding cold and heat insulator.

Wooden False Ceiling

Wood has a natural pattern and a natural texture. The wooden false ceiling is costly; thus, they are not commonly used in commercial buildings such as hospitals, schools, and malls. These types of false ceilings are commonly used in buildings.

Metal False Ceiling

Metals are robust and strong. They are a durable type of ceiling that gives the ceiling a glittering colour. Not only is it appealing but it also gives the interiors an aesthetic influence. The metal ceiling is constructed using galvanised iron and aluminium. The ceiling is simple to install, and needs maintenance at low cost.

PVC False Ceiling

PVC ceiling resistant to moisture, is lightweight and easy to mount. They are maintenance at low cost, and easy to clean. If you’re looking for a non-porous, inexpensive, non-absorbent, and termite-proof form of ceiling, then PVC ceiling will be the best choice.

Glass False Ceiling

Glass ceiling gives the wall a smooth, homogenous colour. They can also be compartmentalised for fire emergencies. Depending on the budget, the location and the climatic situation, the types of ceiling must be selected. As such, if you live in an extremely humid environment you can not go for the wooden ceiling.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before going for a false ceiling, what are some things to consider?

The height to be at least 2.4 metres between the false ceiling and the finished concrete. When a homeowner likes the concept of the false ceiling but still needs to obey HDB regulations, we can still implement false ceiling designs that will offer the home character, but not sacrifice on functionality and rules and guidelines.

When it comes to false ceilings, most Singaporeans are worried about the finished ceiling height. Typically the HDBs are around 2,5 m to 2,6 m in height. Condominiums and EC have a ceiling height of 2.8 m to 3 m higher.

With that in mind, however, interior designers have explored ways to tackle these variables. Some designs include placing covelights and L-box along the room sides retaining much of the actual height of the ceiling. This enables the ceiling fan to be attached directly to the actual ceiling, in addition. For more detail please refer to our false ceiling designs.

Can false ceiling be rendered in wet places, such as the kitchen and bathroom? If so, what measures can we take?

In Wet Zones such as kitchen and bathroom false ceilings are not of concern. In reality, most condominiums have them hiding the facilities above them in their bathrooms. Remember, however, that it is advised to use a minimum level of plasterboard moisture resistance as a stock, because the regular plasterboard is not as water resistant.

What are false ceiling products made of?

False ceilings are usually either constructed from plasterboard or gypsum board. Plasterboard is the least costly choice, even though gypsum board is easier to mount, and resistant to moisture. The result obtained from both the plasterboard and the gypsum board barely vary at all.

The use of plasterboard for home repairs is nowadays more of an agreed industry standard as gypsum board is more costly material. In terms of colouring, after painting, gypsum and plasterboard do look the same and you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart. Gypsum boards are more ecologically responsible, and from the perspective of a builder, they are more effective in construction and create less mess than plasterboards.

Why should I get a false ceiling installed?

Most people prefer false ceiling installations since with its form, colour and styles of lighting mounted on it it gives the home a distinctive character. In short, it may bring colour to a living room, ambience and a definite boundary. It also conceals circuitry that you could pass around the building.

Can you help me build a false ceiling that fits the aesthetics of my home?

Yes, we can. We have false experts in ceiling design who would be glad to plan a concept for you based on your floor plan. You can make an appointment with us to set up a meeting to explore and let us know if you are considering any false ceiling designs. If you are searching for direct contractors that can provide the solutions to a design you already have in mind, we also provide renovation packages. You ‘d potentially save up to 30 percent from middleman fees and another 20 percent from home accessories such as taps, basin cabinets, lights and more, as we can also supply and instal those for you.

How long does it take to instal false ceiling?

It will take 1-3 days anywhere, depending on the nature of the facilities and region that the false ceiling works involve. For eg, it takes only 5 days to get our false ceiling and electrical works kit for 2 rooms.

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