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What we deliver

We are a manufacturer with direct false ceilings and partition walls. Unlike interior designers, this ensures that we employ our own staff and have control over the quality of workmanship. Since we are the main contractor, you can bypass middleman charges and directly get competitive rates from us. We also collaborate with suppliers of direct materials to achieve the best pricing and finishing for all ceiling and partition projects.

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Experienced Installers

Our skilled professionals & builders provide high quality for all false ceiling and partition wall services, with over 10 years of experience.

Superior Quality

We use only the best materials from our trusted false ceiling and partition wall suppliers to ensure that we deliver service of the highest standards.

Direct Contractor

We hire our own plaster works professionals and installers and as a direct contractor, you can skip middleman fees and directly get competitive rates from us.

Professional Installation Services

We are a contractor offering exceptional false ceiling and partitioning services to Singapore’s residential and commercial customers at a reasonable direct contract price. For all your ceiling and partition wall needs, we provide a one-stop solution which provides support services such as electrical and lighting projects.

We have a broad range of modern and contemporary false ceiling designs for your workroom, utilising the latest equipment and technology. Trust that we only give real workmanship to get 100 per cent satisfaction from our customers. We have comprehensive installation services on wall partitions using the material ideally suited to your needs.

Our Ceiling Services

scandinavian false ceiling dining

False Ceilings

We provide a full range of both modern and classic false ceiling designs for your room or office using the latest equipment and technologies.

l box wooden ceiling

L-box Ceilings

These are a popular choice of ceilings especially in living rooms as it is cost-effective and aesthetic. L-box ceilings also helps in overall energy efficiency.

cove ceiling kitchen

Cove Lighting

Widely applicable for both residential and commercial spaces, they provide a great finish to any room by creating an atmospheric effect through diffuse illumination.

apartment kitchen partition

Partition Walls

We offer comprehensive partition wall installation services using the most suitable material to meet your needs and provide insulation to soundproof your rooms.

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